Thursday, August 16, 2007



Looks like time has showered some positivities across and hence I have renounced some of the tags that I possessed (or the ones possessed me) for a while! For instance, the “Student” and “no- time” tags. Now that I absolutely have only knowledge transfer and vacation to be pursued for the next few weeks….I thought I should get back and do what I like to do when am running short of things to do……Blogging is what I proclaim that as.

It’s been ages since I shared the air in the blogosphere…and it looks like the air is being polluted in the absence of personal consistency. I see a whole bunch of people writing personal diaries online …and randomly ctrl+c and ctrl+v forwards and pictures. .. and calling them blogs. …Well, let me not be judgmental here…all am here to say here is that the air that I shared in the sphere a few months ago has been modified in a way I cannot digest…! So here am trying to do the MJ thing by coming back…not as a Wizard …but as a Bull though!

Thanks for those who kept pushing to write more and visiting. See you all soon with more words!