Tuesday, April 01, 2008


A quickie!

Recently, I have been (y)telling to my folks about how I miss Chennai...I have been rambling all over about how I get a chance to talk to my parents every weekend ...but not to the city....so on and so forth...!

Then... I stumble upon the news on Making Chennai Cleaner and the subsequent blogasms about it...! A step towards cleanliness that is well taken! If the implementation turns out to be as good as the idea, I am sure Chennai will be a much cleaner place to live!

Also, Google found another piece of news (ibn link not working) stating that last year Chennai was rated as the cleanliest metro in the country...which was quite an interesting fact. I never thought Chennai could be right there, but then my 4-1/2 years of virtual vision holds no justice to this end. On the other end...will the cleaner Chennai with these restrictions would be as good as the Chennai I knew? A toughie.. I should say...but I am sure Chennai will find a way to save its originality in spite of the innumerable transitions...positives and negatives!

All said, I guess the days when the lyrics of "Sorgame endralum..." turning out be appropriate to our very own Chennai is not far away...