Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Thought control! - Where do we get this from?

When we see a new born baby, sometimes we directly assume that the infants don’t know to think or we start to wonder about their thought process. Considering the fact that it is non-communicative, or at the least for the human interpretation, we assume that the process doesn’t require any control action. Experience based knowledge and common sense proves that the assumption is harmless! But once the infant starts and understands the concept of thinking, we set boundaries. With or without our knowledge we set boundaries based on ‘our’ brought up and ‘our’ understanding of what is right and wrong. If you look back the lane you walked through your childhood, you would see that the brought up was instilled with parental moral values and conceptual understanding of the world progression. These two actually commingles to what we call as the “conscience”.

Merriam-Webster defines conscience as “the sense or consciousness of the moral goodness or blameworthiness of one's own conduct, intentions, or character together with a feeling of obligation to do right or be good”.

Before getting in to a different plane called God-fearing, how often have we stopped or started our actions based on conscience? How often have we reasoned our actions based on our brought-up? We respond to the emotions based on our premeditated rules that we have set inside the aura of conscience!

For instance, according to any common middle class family in my country (India) pre-marital sex is a sin (I hope)! Whereas for a normal parent in here (United States) if his/her son or daughter is not being social (!), they tend to think there could be something wrong with them and they encourage them to date and be normal (!). Not that they advocate pre-marital sex but they don’t consider it as a sin. Now, this is because that the people of different cultures have their own way of understanding what is best for them. What is good for you might not be good for someone else! Everyone has their own conscience and the chances of a complete overlap between any two sets are impossible and that’s the beauty of the creator.

As I said earlier, we develop everything as we grow. Conscience builds character and character builds conscience. If you remember, character is build upon knowledge! So, knowledge does influence conscience. It either curves or straightens conscience!

It’s the main raw material for the end product called “guilt”. What motivates guilt? Our rules! The fights, on the regrets for actions, are often between conscience and reasoning! We grow up with external influences, good and bad, we save both as we progress through the lessons of life. And then wisdom delivers changes! It alters the perception of good and bad! And finally it all boils down to how far we are away from the original sins. We keep adding and negating constraints to our so called pseudo-conscience based on reasoning, but we are supposed to keep in mind that we should succumb to the fundamental rules of our original conscience and make sure we preserve it to the fullest.

Alter your consciential rules of existence, but make sure you dont lose your individuality in it. If the character is victimized in the chamber of life then conscience delivers justice and one who loses it is as good as dead with no life-after

Monday, March 14, 2005


For the past few weeks I have been hearing a lot of stories on strained relationships. Several of my acquaintances have either found or lost the deserved respect for their bonds recently. Most of it was based on self evaluation! The “I” played a more important role than the ‘We’. Well, even when you contemplate on the concept of thinking about an “I” in a relationship, there is no room for development! May be that’s the reason for my blind faith on the custom called marriage!! It starts with a ‘We’ and it never ends!

I remember reading this quote somewhere

“We all have a childhood dream that when there is love, everything goes like silk, but the reality is that marriage requires a lot of compromise”

Every relationship in every walk of your life requires compromise!! You can never even attempt to quantify these compromises! Some say that the less they compromise they feel good about the marriage, whereas some say that the more the compromises, more they feel good about the love they possess! But everything is based on the relationship! A bond starts with attractive forces, could be of any kind for that matter, physical, chemical, biological, resonantial or a combination of all. The completion of this attraction leads to the beautification of the bond!

Marriages are not special when it brings the 'perfect couple' together. It is when the imperfect couple learns to enjoy those differences! It’s those imperfections that are the specialties of every creation! Once we learn to enjoy those, I don’t think we would have problems defining the state of a relationship, because it’s constantly beautiful!

Life is a learning experience! For a while, in our early part of life we attempt to learn it alone and walk through, amidst those non-evaluatory decisions and realization of imperfections! But once we pass through that stage we are ready to accept and appreciate companionship! From that point on its team work! The beauty of this team work is that one will learn more about the initial stage that they thought have mastered! The rest of the learning curve is not easy as well, but if it’s accompanied by the realization of the beauty of companionship, the thorns are as beautiful as the roses!

‘The cure for love is marriage, and the cure for marriage is love again’. When you call yourself in to a relationship, mean it! And when you are in to that relationship, there is no question of walking back.

Friday, March 11, 2005

His Airness

I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!! Posted by Hello

March 6th 2005 - Mission Accomplished!

Wanted to go there from the day I came here! United Center, Chicago. The "Mad house in the Madison"(Acc to Umash). Went there to witness the past-presence of the person who almost disproved Newton!! His Airness is easily the greatest basket player ever to play the game!

If you want to know how to "believe in yourself"! Just pick a book and read about him!!