Monday, April 18, 2005

"Chandramukhi" in Atlanta

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Statutory warning: This description reflects the character of a bunch of Indian graduate students who wanted to get away from their mundane activities and enjoy the phenomenon of their existence. Any breach of moral conduct is intentional and were forced to be temporary!

April 16th 2004, six future doctorates marched their way to the theatrical exposition of what we called “Chandramukhi”, a Rajnikanth starrer. All of us were looking for a reason to feel nostalgic and touch those silly childhood memories that are filled with the celebration of the only Superstar of Tamil cinema. We drove all the way from Cookeville, Tennessee to Atlanta, Georgia. A 4-hour drive with brains all over, even the trunk of the jeep was filled with thoughts on the next day.

The day started well as we filled in our pots with atypical sambar-vadas and dosai’s at the Madras Saravana Bhavan, complaining on the quality of the FDA disapproved food material at the same time running all over grabbing the chances to pick those last few vadais from the buffet. From that point on, we weren’t distracted by those moral educated thoughts that the brain popped up every now and then, it was just the heart that was motivating us to find the fun in what we were doing. That took us in to the Indian stores and persuaded us to buy camphor and coconuts to take care of the eye factors that might influence the effect of Chandramukhi’s success! Sounds hilarious? Initially we were looking for pumpkins or watermelons but we were forced to settle with what we had at that point! We took some videos as well as some pictures and I guess none of them turned out well. Let me work on that and try to publish them here.

No digression! We went all the way to the theatre and were pissed off to see there was just one small poster and nothing else on our beloved hero! Then we realized that it’s not one of those typical Indian movie screening theatres. We had Sin city and all other kinds running along! Doesn’t matter! it didn’t stop us. We celebrated the phenomenon by negating the eye factors with those coconuts and camphor, followed by distributing it as prasadams to our fellow fans who were watching and enjoying what they could’nt do. Stepped in to the theater with the usual O podu’s and ooh aaah’s! Made sure that at least 50% of the theater had to turn themselves deaf and watch us on our favorite air products that are termed as noise pollution as well as whistles, forgot to mention that we bought some artificial whistles for the non-whistling doctoral candidates. The first scene of Rajni’s 153rd celluloid appearance forced us to run to the screen and take his beloved feet! Insane! Yes it was, but blissfully saved in the medulla oblongata! The movie was filled with hero worships and celebration of the long wait. I don’t want to reveal the plot and any other aspect of the movie, but on the whole, the movie is a must-watch! Not a typical Rajnikanth movie that we were brought-up with, but was filled with all ingredients for a good entertainer! We had mixed emotions after watching the movie, was not as bad as the last one but clearly not his best as well! May be its impossible for him to satisfy his wide spectrum of audience. But no matter what, it was great to witness the energy and excitement that we shared with our fellow fans and was happy to know that the movie is already the blockbuster of the year!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Rajni starrer -2

Well, for this I have no words! Call them illterates or whatever...but he is that big!!

The craziest I have seen so far

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A Rajni starrer!

It was one of those jobless hours when I started thinking of tracing the days that had grown upon me all these years! The never ending love for the energy and excitement that I get out of watching a Rajnikanth starrer on the first day of release! Call me crazy, I dont care! May be it was from the day I was born. From what I hear from my parents, I learnt to do the thing that Rajni does with his hair (during his hairy days), even before I started to tell my name! Well, it’s about the same energy level right now! May be even more! It’s one of those most celebrated days in Tamil film industry! His new movie hits the screen today and from what I hear and read, it’s going to be the year’s biggest blockbuster!

So, here we go...thought of sharing this bliss with you all through some pictures and quotes that I stole from the internet planet! For people who have no clue on how crazy and wild it can get, what you are seeing is just a cover sheet!! I still haven’t watched the movie yet, but we are planning on driving to Atlanta this weekend to realize the incomprehensible! May be I will update more on that later!

Visit here to witness the energy in theaters

Quotes from the emails!

“Just now I saw the movie and replying u all immdly..The movie is great and the response from the london people is smashin.......

A good example is...The movie was goin fine tillinterval...After the interval it directly started withone song (dont want to mention) and we all wereshouting and making galatta....all the fans were angry and called the owners he came and he said i willput from the interval scene but he did not do aspromised as it takes more time to rotate theprint...then we all started protesting again andpolice came and arrested 4 ppl...but as we are allrajini fans we didint allow them and police patientlylistened to us and ordered the theatre owner to startthe film from the was great during thattime all were united for one cause


“Hello Friends abroad,
As CM will be screened as preview abroad today, we fans here are eagerly counting hours.Just SMS me about the result to my mobile: +91984016xxxx
Thank you”

Some pictures!!

The tickets!

The Crowd in Kovai

In udhayam Madars

Another one

Thats called Mass suuport!

Udhyam is full of people!

It gets more crazier than this!

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

(Non) Sense of Humor

Every time I try to write something, I have a tendency to pass through google products, to have a glimpse of what’s been the world-philosophy and how different it is from my own theories of evolution! So was the path for this, I was trying to evaluate and discriminate the sense or the non-sense of humor! Mr.Google seldom annoys me, but this time I was turning wild and screaming out loud WTF, though a while later I was laughing at the different levels of thought process. There was this link which said, does God have a sense of humor? There is this part of the milky-way galaxy which is divided into so called non-equal portions of believers and non-believers on the conceptual realization of ‘the one’. Here we have some people searching the records for statistical evidence on whether God does have a sense of humor! Now that’s funny! Someday I really want to meet at least one of the people who care to know God’s sense of humor! May be I will realize am not the only jobless in Venus.

Before being nominated for the best ever non-coherent blog of the year, let me try and resurface what I am trying to convey.

Generally I don’t like to write in this way, but to convey this I will have to exemplify my other self. The one this blog has not perceived.

Modesty is never my virtue. If you know me I would come across as a loud mouthed, opinionated pain in the posterior. But somehow I have managed to gain some positive response as well. Particularly on the sense of humor I possess (disclaimer). I used to wonder how? Are they seeing what I think they are seeing? How in the world someone would say I have a ‘decent’ sense of humor!! Impossible! In person, I would refute that from the bottom of my heart in the top of my voice! May be they don’t know what is sense of humor. Most of the time, the people around me laugh either at me or because of me. If it’s because of me it wouldn’t be at me, because I have this stupid habit of making a bunch in a big group laugh at the expense of one, and the one is usually not me. This is not a great sense of humor. The rest of the sensible in the big group would laugh at me as well as the others! Well, I have been trying to control it may be it’s a birth product and will take an eternity to vanish.

“Keep your sense of humor. As General Joe Stillwell said, "The higher a monkey climbs, the more you see of his behind". Can you guess whose quote did google spat on me? For 60 mins straight I was trying to kick my own rear side for sharing this sense of humor thought process with this torch bearer for the dumbsters in this Free States. Donald ‘baccardi’sfeld!! May be even gross minds think alike. I am not sure about his thought process on this saying, but I can definitely relate myself to this. May be its because of the monkey part of it!!!

It is not that difficult to have a generic sense of humor. The basic rule of a comic sequence is to evolve through it without anybody getting hurt. As a matter of fact, it helps in different levels. “A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done”. This is executed to the highest quality if the common sense of humor is not specific.
It was during my life realization in Annamalai undergrad years when someone told me that the person with good sense of humor will mend oneself to make others laugh! Make (or find) a fool out of yourself and let the world know so they get to laugh at you. ‘It takes an irony to accept and appreciate a joke on one self’, but when you realize that was a moment of bliss for the people around you, at the expense of none, trust me it feels much better than farting loud, alone, in a closed elevator.