Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What way?

Recently, most of my work-time is spent in Lake Jackson, TX. A small town few miles south of Houston. It is quite an interesting place which offers limited entertainment and a lot of workime. So apart of getting some work done, I get to move around and know this place a little better as well. Following is a excerpt from one of the few interesting conversations happened here a few weeks ago....

"So..Anyways... you getting some work done?"

"Always" I said. "How do I get to Subway?"

"If you get past this way and that way...."

I was trying to look at what she was pointing.....and was puzzled quite a bit! mainly because she was not point at anything.

"Excuse me?"

"Yeah...if you get past this way and that way..." and she lost me right there....

What the she trying to make fun of me or am I hearing Chinese...

I pulled myself together and asked her..."Where are you pointing at?...I can't understand what you are saying....we keep coming in circle ways!"

"Naaa..Naa....not the circle way...I said this way and that way..."

No way!....This is BS...I can't take this anymore..I waved my hands at her...can you atleast see me....Cant you see me looking like a lost child in an Chennai Exhibition!

"Okay...!" and she pulled her map and pointed at something ....and that's when I understood...

She did not mean this way and that way....she meant This way and That way...

"I am sorry...we were going in circle ways..." I said...

"You dont have to go that far...its pretty close to Winding way"

"Anyway I had it for the day...I will rather stay away from this!" :)

"Dont go to Any way it might be far away" she giggled

Lukily someone on the way mentioned that it is not good to park on the Parking way or His way, when you want to go to Subway.

In the end, I said "I am glad there is no way called No way"

From Wikepedia...on Lake Jackson

All streets radiating from downtown end in the word “Way”. Among the
streets are Center Way, Winding Way, Circle Way, and Parking Way. There is an
intersection of two streets named “This Way” and “That Way”. In the same spirit,
a local church near Bess Brannen Elementary placed a small sign in their
driveway named "His Way". You will also find an "Any Way".